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Could the NFL start a minor league system????????

I was thinking that maybe the NFL could start a minor league system to develop talent. Is it possible to do this with the economy in its current situation. I believe the talent is there, look at all the college players today. There is plenty of players getting drafted from division 2 and 3 that have the talent, it just needs to be nurtured. Setup rules similar to MLB, create a disabled list for players with small injuries, drop active rosters to 45 players, create an additional 25 player recall roster for players to be recalled if needed. The biggest question is if it financially possible. I think the fans will be the winners. With the popularity the the NFL rising in other countries, thast would allow NFL teams to scout overseas for talent, and properly devlope them. I believe some NFL teams do not sign players like that because the current system will not allow them the time to develope, they only get into pre-season games and then cut, if there lucky a practice squad but that is not playing in a game.
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Posted on: January 15, 2008 2:12 pm

2008 National League Preseason Rankings

Here are my National League Rankings

1. Arizona Diamondbacks- I think the most complete team on paper coming into the season.

2. Atlanta Braves- I think there offense and pitching should be improved from last year, having Teixeria a full season should negate the loss of Andruw Jones. There rotation is solid, smoltz, hudson, glavine, james, and hampton(he should be able to post similar numbers to the ones before the surgury), the bullpen will be alright, it always does for some reason or another. Kotsay, from what I hear is finally healthy from the back surgury, I think he tried to come back too soon last year which caused problems for him, he should put up decent numbers. The loss of joey devine will hurt down the road, he should be a decent reliever, but no closer in the pro's. Don't forget they have Bobby Cox at the helm, he doesn't make too many mistakes and knows how to keep a team together. 

3. San Diego Padres- best pitching staff in MLB, but where will the offense come from????????

4. Philadelphia Phillies- they have an offense most of the time, they have decent pitching most of the time,  just never at the same time it seems

5. New York Mets - see phillies comment, only they don't seem to react well to pressure.

6. Los Angeles Dodgers - this team looks good if everything can come together, can they play as a team is the BIG question.

7. Cincinnati Reds - I think this team will be this years surprise team, just a hunch

8. Chicago Cubs - they look decent, they have too many questionmarks, but they play in a weak division which is why they'll contend.

9. Milwaukee Brewers - this team is probably the hardest team to predict, way too many questions for a young team, nut they can surprise if everything goes right.

10. Colorado Rockies - Same story every year, not enough pitching, solid offense.

11. - 16. St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Nationals, Florida Marlins, Houston Astros, San Fransisco Giants, And The Pittsburgh Pirates - well there is always next year. 


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